Katy Weddle


Zachary Hynek

Katy Weddle and Zachary Hynek

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Our Story

Katy and I met when we were 19 on a volunteer trip to Costa Rica. We had to travel to a different country to find each other by accident, but the second we did every moment of our love story has been written with countless adventures, laughter to tears, and a love we grow every day. She’s truly the love of my life. So I’ve always known I had to make our engagement BIG.

Since we met when we were in college we got to pick where we wanted to start our lives together and decided on Colorado... well, because it’s Colorado. We love to hike, we love to snowboard and we LOVE the mountains so Breckenridge was always the perfect place. I’ve actually known Kellie (our photographer) since I was in high-school, so Katy wasn’t suspicious at all when Kellie met up with us after I posted an Instagram story saying we were at Breck. Kellie made up a story that she was there taking photos for a client and needed to grab some shots in the trees.

The plan was in motion, I picked out the best tree run, Briar Rose, and we were boarding on this gorgeous tree-line until Kellie made us stop to take a few photos. I finally convinced Katy, who reallllyyyy didn’t want to take any photos, to just take one and she agreed. As she walked up to me to take the photo, I had our song, Sunshine Lady by Dion, start playing from a speaker in my backpack. Confused at where the song was coming from she looked back at me and as she turned around I got down on one knee. Besides opening the box upside down giving Katy and I a short panic almost dropping the ring in 3 feet of snow... she tackled me to the ground before she could even say yes.

We celebrated in the snow, popping champagne and carving our engagement date into the tree so we always had a place on Briar Rose.

- Zach
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